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Support for restaurant manager by administrative scrivener Miyagi Central office

仙台 飲食店経営者支援 行政書士 宮城中央事務所
行政書士 宮城中央事務所

Administrative scrivener Miyagi Central office is a counseling office that supports the opening of business of cooks and entertainers with independence dreams in Miyagi prefecture(Sendai,Kokubuncho,Ishinomaki,Shiogama,Tagajo,Osaki,Natori,Iwanuma), and also to increase the number of stores by management.


Notification of food and beverage business necessary for opening the store, notification of business opening of alcoholic beverages serving late night required for drinking in the middle of the night in a pub or a bar, etc., morals required for hospitality such as snacks, cabarets and host clubs We can help you with business license (1Go-Eigyo), create funds for restaurants to start, write business plan documents etc. necessary when borrowing the working capital of restaurant, managing accounting book after restaurant opening, management of accounts receivable etc. We support the restaurant management.


We will also accept requests from customers in Fukushima, Yamagata and Iwate prefectures!!

We accept many requests from customers in Fukushima City, Soma City, Yamagata City, Tendo City, Ichinoseki City.




通知开店所需的食品饮料事业,半夜在酒吧或酒吧喝酒所需的深夜酒精饮料的开业通知,小吃,歌舞表演和主人俱乐部等招待所需要的道德 我们可以帮助您办理营业执照(第一次销售),创建饭店开始的资金,在借用餐饮营运资金时需要编写营业计划文件等,餐馆开业后管理会计账簿,应收账款管理等。 我们支持餐厅管理




Consultation is free!! First, please call us!!


4 support menus by administrative scrivener Miyagi central office

① Application for permission of restaurant(Permition of restaurant business・Permition of entertainment and amusement business・Notification of business opening of dining establishment offering liquor which is open at midnight)

We will help on "Permition of restaurant business","Permition of entertainment and amusement business" and "Notification of business opening of dining establishment offering liquor which is open at midnight".




If you want to keep the cost of opening a restaurant cheap, let me apply these applications by yourself as much as possible.

(How to write the application form and necessary documents are posted on each page.)





We undertake creation of drawings with cheap fee, so please consult with us.

In addition, we have a plan to handle all applications for the owner who does not have time.





 Plan to act on behalf of application for business permission of restaurant 32,400yen(including creationofplan) 



 Drawing for permission application 43,200 yen (~ 19.99 ㎡)



② Support for accounting books

 We will act on the account book. 

 You just have the stored receipt in the bag.





 As long as you keep your books properly, you can easily make your own white return declaration, as well as blue final return and tax return yourself. Also, the deduction received in the final return may increase.

 Also, from this fiscal year, it is obligatory for books to be booked and kept, regardless of tax declaration or white declaration of final return, so why do not you consider examining Miyagi Central Legal Affairs Office?


 只要您妥善保管好书籍,您就可以轻松制作自己的白色退货申报表,以及自己的蓝色最终退货和退税。 此外,最终收益中扣除的收入可能会增加




 Accounting booking agency monthly charge 8,640 yen (about 100 journals)



③ Support for recovery of accounts receivable

 The accounts receivable is difficult to remember as it gathers, and in fact it makes it difficult to get in touch with each other.

 And, if left unchanged, the right to claim in one year will be lost by the system of extinctive prescription.

 We, as a basis to create a dunning documents, in an optimal way according to the customer's situation, to help the recovery of accounts receivable.







④ Support for borrowing of operating funds and working capital for restaurants


 We will help you prepare application forms for borrowing to a public lending institution and prepare application forms for various grants.


phone: 022-762-9434